sometimes both of our brains also had a fight

By Naja - 6:27 PTG


school is not so cool , school is not fun anymore , i hate school!

me :  Actually i'm not like arts .

left brain :  so if you don't like arts , you must love logical subject right ?

me : er .. you can say that i'm not interested in that subject too.

right brain : wait . you hate thinking ? but you hate arts too .

me : i'm just love history and geography . i just have to remember those fact . i hate thinking . full stop .

left brain : but you must also think about history and geography too right?

me : i said , i just have to remember them . i don't have to think about them like math and science .

right brain : aren't you have to remember the formula in math and science too? it's not all about thinking , we must remember them before we think them , right ?

left brain : i totally agree with right brain .

me : ...... i don't have any idea about that ........ i hate thinking , you know?

problem here : bile dua2 otak tanya aku .. mampus lah aku .

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