i hate feminazi(feminist)

By Naja - 11:52 PTG

women are much more complicated than men.Men are very simple.And you know why?Its because their brains are so different.first i want to start with men.men's brain are very unique.most women don't realize that whether we are *&^%$# @#$ or watching sports.our brains are made up of little boxes. we've got a box of everything. we've got a box for money,we've got a box for the jobs. we've got a box for you. we've got a box for the kids. we've got a box for your mother somewhere in the basement.

we've got boxes everywhere.and the rule is; the box don't touch.when a man discuss a particular subject, we go to that particular box, we pull that box out, we open the box,and we discuss only what is in THAT BOX. and then we close the box and put it away being very,very careful not to touch other boxes.

now women's brain are very,very different from men's brains.women's brains are made up of a big ball of wire.and everything is connected to everything.the money is connected to the car and the car is connected to your job and your kids are connected to your mother and everythingisallconnected, it's like the internet superhighway,and it's all driven by energy that we call emotion.it's one of the reason why women tend to remember...everything.

because if you take an event and you connect it to an emotion and it burns in your memory and you can remember it forever.the same things happens for men.it just doesn't happen very often,because quite frankly..we don't care.women tend to care about everything.and she just loves it.

now men,we have a box in our brain that most women are not aware of.this particular box has nothing in it.in fact, we call it the 'nothing box'.and off all the boxes a man has a chance,he'll go to this nothing box every time.that's why a man can do something seemingly completely brain deed for hours on end.you know,like fishing.

now they've actually measured this.the university of pennsylvania a couple of years ago did a study and discovered that men have ability to think about absolutely nothing,and still breathe.

women can't do it.their mind has never stopped.and they don't understand 'nothing box',and it drives them CRAZY because nothing drives a women more crazy and makes them feel more irritated than to watch a man doing nothing.

laporan makmal:petikan dari 9gag sebenarnya.sebagai 9gager..aku simpulkan 9gagers ni mostly feminist,programmer,atheist...dan bla bla.dalam konteks hiburan,ianya amat berjaya.tapi dalam konteks persefahaman hampir tiada.different people with different mind.no matter what your opinion is,there's always someone ready to debate against it.what is the most annoying moment is when women gave their opinion.bukannya sebab aku ni ajet ajet katang.yes,i'm a woman.tapi CUBA jangan letak emosi dan 'akubetulkausalah' dalam hujah kau.terima pendapat orang girls.be mature.

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