Why Muslim Can't Be An Extreme Animal Activist

By Naja - 7:44 PG

" I just have a sahur (meals to be taken before fasting) earlier. There's nothing in the fridge except eggs and chicken meat from last night's dinner.Oh My Allah,I just eat things that have a life before.The eggs were once a chick that never had a chance to grow up.And the chicken meat probably it's mother!"

tak salah defend for animal rights.memang manusia tak layak digelar manusia kalau mereka takde belas kasihan langsung pada haiwan,sebab haiwan pun berhak hidup di atas muka bumi ni.Things like fur atas nama fesyen ni sangat tak berperikemanusiaan lah bagi aku.

Kita hidup dah zaman moden,banyak lagi bahan lain yang boleh kita guna to cover our self from the cold kan.kalau kilang tu cukur bulu tu elok-elok takpe,inikan..ya rabbi kejam sungguh.

But,is it really necessary to make an extreme protest like the first picture?Those who claimed themselves a vegetarian just because the animals were once had a life like us? What about the greens itselves?Didn't they had a life before? This happens when people think everything with their logical views.

Fyi,in islam,we respect the animals even before we take their life.We do have hukum (guideline)  for it.For instance,
  • Use only a sharp tools (to minimize the pain,briefly)
  • Don't slaughtered an animal in front of other animals.
  • Do it on a soft ground
  • Not to take the pregnant mother
and etc.i just stressed out the guidelines that are relevant with this issues.See?Islam is a perfect lifestyle,but Muslims are not-because we sure always get outside the lines,not following the path.We are humans,we made mistake.

random meme.no offence i just find it hilarious-the never ending fights between the atheist and the theist.

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